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The Path

of the

Wounded Healer

It's worth every step.

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The Path. . .

Over the next 30 days, I am revisiting the EARLY years of Emotional Physical Therapy and moving from "head" knowledge to the heart.

We can KNOW something; but until we allow knowledge to "download" to our heart. . .it's just "Head Knowledge". For as much as we like to READ about life. . .we must EXPERIENCE in order to engage our Hearts.

Your Invitation

Are YOU willing to Heal Your Wounded Soul? If so, pack light. . .

Four Years Ago. . .

In this short video, June 17, 2014 I started a new "Emotional Physical Therapy" series about her 40-Day Journey from "Passive to Passion" in the transformation of her Mind, Body AND Spirit. My intent was to fulfill my mission to "Coach While Being."

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