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Measurable Objectives

Am I fulfilling My Mission and Vision?

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Am I in Alignment?

This is a question that I pose to myself DAILY!

Am I in Alignment with my stated Mission and Vision for my life? Personally, Who I am and What I do are intermingled. I live in this "La La Land" of Believing in the Possibility of Infinite Possibilities.

How does this Work?

Ah, now this is where things get a bit tricky. You see, it becomes a REAL "walk the talk" experience. I'm talking about doing the work of Being in a State of Creation. Fortunately, the "trick" per se, is in Being versus Discussing.

Let me break it down:

I must BECOME What I am "asking for". Honestly, even typing the description doesn't do justice to the experience. Let me try a better description. . .

Have you ever wanted something and thought, "WHEN I get __________THEN I will feel __________?" Well, have you EVER fully experience the FEELING of what you wanted AFTER an event/achievement?

Personal Experience: when I applied to Florida State University's Ph.D. in Sport Administration program; I actually saw and FELT myself walking across the stage. I saw and FELT the achievement AS I was applying for admission. Even when I learned that I was pregnant with my third child AFTER being accepted into the program; I still saw myself walking across that stage. Throughout the four (4) years, there were challenges. . .YET, the vision and feeling of walking across that stage was my alignment.

The "Magic" wasn't in my knowing HOW I was going to walk across that stage; the "Magic" was in the FEELING of the Achievement BEFORE it became my reality.

Measuring My Objectives

When I ask myself if I am in alignment with my Mission and Vision for my life; I measure my objectives by the lives that I touch as I "Coach while Being". For every client that I guide through the process of healing by educating, equipping and empowering; I am rewarded by the client actually fulfilling his/her OWN mission and vision for his/her life.

Are You Ready to Fulfill Your Mission?

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