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The Power of 8

Have faith

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The Number 8

2010, at a crossroads in life; I asked Spirit, "Why must I go to the ocean?" At the time, I was about 3 hours away from the nearest beach. . .and I was struggling. The answer to my question:

"The ocean is where you go to Overcome Challenging Emotions Attitudes and Negativity."

I don't know if I was more excited by the "Answer" or the fact that the answer spelled, "Ocean". . .I still get hyped today when I think about that moment.


Eight years later and Emotional Physical Therapy is My Purpose; My Why.

Celebrate with Me:

Monday, April 6, 2018 6:00 p.m. EST; for a Facebook LIVE Interactive Experience of the Ho'oponopono.

I will take questions and as Spirit directs. . .provide answers.


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