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Kids "Get It"!

Earlier this week (Monday, June 11th) I had the BLESSED opportunity to introduce "Emotional Physical Therapy 4 Kids" to 3rd-6th graders at a Summer STEAM (S-cience; T-echnology; E-ngineering; A-rts; M-ath) camp.

The 8 - 11 year olds' attention span was PHENOMENAL! The babies "GET IT"!!


Children understand that our emotions are "energy in motion". As I taught, and led them through the 1-minute yogic breath; Ego Eradicator; Tapping and Sun Salutation; they demonstrated their understanding of the impact of emotions on experiences.

The babies not only "get it"; they GOT IT! Throughout the week, I received messages about kids TEACHING the techniques to their siblings.

I went back yesterday (Thursday, June 14th) and my heart was filled with joy as I watched two (2) of the children LEAD their fellow campers through EVERY mindfulness activity I taught them! My vibration ROSE watching; and "Yes" participating in the activities.


"Emotional Physical Therapy 4 Kids" is MY "Energy in Motion". In 2013, I wrote in Emotional Physical Therapy: 120 Days to Infinity (the first workbook):

"Imagine a world where people acknowledge, own and consciously dissolve/release negative, unresolved emotions. A world where people are aware of the impact of their emotions and consciously use those emotions as indicators to change (in that moment); their minds."

Allowing our babies to REMAIN "mindful" as they grow is the Hope for the World.

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