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The "Space" Between

Setting Intentions and Trusting the Process of Unfoldment.

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The miracle you seek is born in the space between setting your intention and trusting the process of unfoldment. Sounds simple, yet attachment to the "How" complicates the experience.

Seven Years to Now

This month, March; marks seven (7) years since I proposed and delivered a course, "Introduction to Energy Healing" as a community education course at a previous employer (university). One year prior, I'd submitted my resignation from the "last" full-time faculty/administrative gig that I intended to hold. It was a great LEAP of Faith for me. At the time I submitted my resignation, I had no idea what/where/how was my "next". I only knew that I could no longer do "that". I told myself that after my trip to Brazil that summer; I'd worry about what comes next. I had peace about my decision. The seven years to now would take me many places. Most of those places were cyclical experiences: moving hoping to have a different experience, yet with the same attachments to outcomes. Until now.

The Space Between

In the ensuing two (2) months from my resignation to departing for Brazil, word had gotten around that I was leaving with no plan for "next". After explaining my "Why" enough times, fear started to creep in and I began adding conditions to my "next". A phone call came from a former professor telling me of a one-year assignment at his university. I listened and subsequently submitted my C.V. had a phone interview and accepted the position. . .ALL within a matter of days! On the day I was set to fly to Brazil, I'd accepted the offer. I told myself that by the "end of the one (1) year, I will be ready to launch!" I was due to arrive back in the States just two (2) weeks before I was to report to the "transitional gig".

I enjoyed my time in Brazil and actually hoped that something would miraculously happen whereby I'd stay in Brazil. Well, since I was hoping versus setting an intention. . .I was on a flight back to the U.S. at the appointed time. In retrospect, I see that I was on the verge of the major awakening of my life to that point.

While I had many experiences that awakened me to the need to make a move(s); those moves were reactions; not intentions. Resigning from my former position; accepting a one-year position and taking the leap of faith as I did, set in motion for where I am today. Today, my perspective has definitely shifted. After 25 years, again I am in the space of a major transition. I am realizing that transition is ongoing. Transition is change. The main thing now is setting "intentions and trusting the process of co-creation for the unfoldment of my intentions."

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