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Accepting that I only have "Control" over Me.

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Yesterday during the cardio portion of my 2-times-per-day workout; I accepted that the ONLY "thing" within my control is ME! I THRIVE on being disciplined in my training.

TRAINING is actually my stress management tool. Long before I knew that the intense sensitivity that I lived with was my being an Empath; movement helped me ease the physical imbalance and yes, pain of absorbing the energies of others. Since becoming aware; and accepting that this is "Who-I-Am", the importance of movement to my life is a non-negotiable. In other words, "Rest Days" are challenging because my body needs to rest from lifting and my kundalini yoga practice. I wasn't always accepting of Myself.

With New "Eyes"

I am now able to look at past workout videos on my YouTube Channel; with "Eyes of Acceptance". In the past, I was highly critical of my kinetic Self. I was criticized by family for being kinetic. Yet, today I am able to look at past workout videos and feel good about the passion I pour into movement. Today, I am empowered because in each and every movement I am demonstrating the love between my Higher Self and I.

With my New Eyes, I see my alignment in motion.

Why this Post?

Well, I'm in transition (always, lol). This time is strengthening my patience. Seriously, that's what started this post in the first place. The only thing I am in control of at THIS time of transition is 'Me". So, I've decided to "Train for My Transition". My intention is to be "Shredded by Departure" in approximately 32 days. Ase'

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