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Day 1 of Ho'oponopono

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Too Much "Doing"

I am laughing at myself. For years I searched for a "scientific" way to "Do" Things; so I could mask My True Self.

While I am laughing about "Science" bringing Me to Acceptance of My Spirit Self; there are a lot of memories that need cleaning from the effects of the resistance. So, for the next 29 days (today is Day 1); I am doing short videos of my "doing" the Ho'oponopono.

The Ho'oponopono

There are GAZILLIONS (okay, maybe not that many) of blogposts/websites dedicated to explaining the Ho'oponopono. On these sites, you will find a multitude of ways to utilize the Hawaiian Prayer for Forgiveness. My own story of the Ho'oponopono is simply this: I came across it; approximately 11 years ago. . .didn't quite understand the "science" of it and because I didn't understand the "science"; I was skeptical. Yet. . .

As Spirit Leads. . .I Follow.

Or rather, my intention is to Follow. Some days I am better at following than others.

With all of the work (shared on my website under "The Pillars" tab) I've done over the past six (6) years; old memories still impacted my day-to-day. I was often overwhelmed and exhausted after each "Expansion Experience". I was becoming irritated by my holding onto to memories that simply did not serve me. Fortunately, the Inner Child work, I'd been doing was showing its effectiveness. Instead of fearing that no progress had been made. . .I began to say to myself:

(1) I'm sorry.

(2) Please Forgive Me.

(3) Thank You.

(4) I love you.

As I repeated the four (4) short affirmations to My Little Girl Self; I was led to go back to the "Science" of Ho'oponopono. This time, I was drawn to the simple fact that I need do nothing else. . .Just Trust GOD/Spirit/The Universe to handle the "details". Daily, I am drawn to trust the inspiration I receive from Spirit.

Join Me?

Are you Ready to Clean YOUR Memories?


Come back here EVERYDAY. . .March 6, - April 4, 2018. . . . We're CLEANING!

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