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The Darkness

· judgment,inner child,spiritual,healing,triggers

So Harsh!

Have you noticed that you judge yourself harshly?

As I was making today's video; I encountered technical issues with my camera. . .and guess what popped up?! Judgment over sharing "too much". What would have shut me down before; became an opportunity NOW to Clean that energy!

The Darkness

Hopefully, it's on your agenda to go see the movie "A Wrinkle in Time". If you haven't already; when you do. . .today's message about Judgment and facing the Darkness will make so much sense to you. Go Ahead. . .face Your Darkness and Be Your Best "You"!

Don't Blink!

Today's video is "Super Brief". If you blink. . .you may miss it. YET, I believe this may be the most SIGNIFICANT 50 seconds of My Life today!

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