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Escaping Slavery

Transmuting "Success Guilt"

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Eight (8) months ago, I wrote a blog post about carrying the trauma of my "Mothers". In the ensuing months, this concept has been my experience.

In this video, I talk about freeing One's Self from the Slavery of "Success Guilt". While I am not Muslim; I am observing Ramadan by fasting. The emotional effects of the dry fast from sunrise to sunset are intense BECAUSE of the discipline required to honor My commitment.


Deciding to end One's bondage; whether forced or self-imposed is a commitment. Knowing that slavery is WRONG; regardless of WHAT is used to convince a Soul otherwise; Freedom is the Choice. Commitment is the Action.

The Journey

Once One has committed to escaping slavery and preparing for the journey; the first step activates the experience of Freedom. Each step is an Experience of Freedom. Each step is the Fulfillment of the Individual's Dream.



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