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Behind the Mask

The Awakening Process

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The Point of It All

The point of all experiences is to grow. Even when it looks like; feels like; and the world says it is a "loss"; in retrospect, the experiences that appeared to be the most devastating, were actually times when I was most powerful. As I type this, I remember giving birth to each of my three (3) children. When the first contractions alerted me that it was "time"; there was nothing I could do except "go through it". Each time, circumstances were different. Different cities, different states; and of course, different babies. Each experience took me to points where I didn't think I could have one more contraction; yet, I did. Each experience took me to the moment when, as each baby's head "crowned"; my body expanded beyond what I'd believed capable. Yet, it did; and in each experience, a healthy baby was born.

The point of it all was to give birth to the fulfilled miracles of my egg (intention); with my then husband's seed (desire); which became our children. Today's Super Moon in Virgo energy feels like I am giving birth. Leaning into the intensity of this lunar energy; I am allowing the unfoldment of my visions. However, in getting to here, I had to remove the mask behind which I'd hidden my truth. This mask was like a contraceptive device, preventing the egg (my vision) from being fertilized. The February 2019 Super Full Moon is the culmination of seven (7) years of preventing the pregnancy that, if I allowed, would be the miracle of my lifetime: my actualized Self.

Removing the Mask

When I began to "do the work"; my motive was to avoid taking off the mask. I didn't have the fortitude to come out of the "spiritual closet". Yet, there is no growth without shedding. So, I willingly removed the mask and came out of the "spiritual closet.


Reflecting on my 55-year-old Self. . .

Before I knew about Indigos/Starseeds/Empaths and Kundalini. . I KNEW that I had to move! Everyday I am thankful that I grew up without "labels". . .that when prescribed medication in my mid-20s for anxiety and depression, I realized that the medication didn't "solve" the problem. So, I sought (and found) ways to align via meditation and movement. You see, I always KNEW that I was a Spirit having a Physical experience. Until age 12, I was fine. Then. . .I had to "grow up".

Knowing now that in childhood, we are very aware of the power of our imagination. We envision things and yes, magically those things happen. Yet, in being told that one must "grow up"; pieces of one's soul are gradually surrendered. Replaced by "real world" expectations, one begins striving for the next achievement/relationship/material object. If, like me, you are "highly sensitive" and/or identify as an Empath; then the "real world" expectations took/take a toll on your well being. Peace is something that is fleeting. Seeking peace outside of myself had such an effect on me. I remembered how attuned I was with Spirit before "growing up". I tried to do the "right" things via church, etc. Yet, instead of finding "peace"; I found more "things" . I'd begin a journey that I'd stop and start. Afraid of being ostracized for practicing yoga; meditating and cultivating within a peace that yes, was beyond my understanding. So, I poured myself into sports and fitness. This was a domain "acceptable" to the "real world". Yet, I met criticism within the world of religion. Eventually, I'd step away from organized religion. I needed to save my life: spiritually, emotionally, and yes, physically.

My Journey led me to receive Emotional Physical Therapy (trademark pending); where I found my mission to help those Awakening to their Truth. My experience led to the writing of two (2) books: "Emotional Physical Therapy: 120 Days to Infinity" (2013) and "Emotional Physical Therapy: 180 Days to Life" (2017). The inner conflict between staying "safe" in my spiritual closet and "coming out" was intense. I fumbled when asked, "What do you do?" I risked being "exposed". I was afraid of being a "reprobate". If you're unfamiliar with the word, it means "a person who behaves in a way that is not respectable or morally correct." ( And so, I suffered.

Caught between my Life-Affirming lifestyle of practicing Emotional Physical Therapy and trying, (yet failing) to help others in their awakening process(es); I saw my "failure" as evidence that I was outside of GOD's Will. . .yet, what my soul knew to be true was that, I was RETURNING to GOD. So, I processed and removed the mask.

Here's how I physically processed my decision:

Pilates Mat Session.

Speaking My Truth

And now, I speak my Truth! Last night (after the video below) Chiron left Pisces. . .


Thus ending 9 years of examining and re-examining our deepest fear, regrets, sorrows and other wounds, since our birth.

Rising Frequencies - Facebook Post: Monday, February 18, 2019

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