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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

A 150-year occurrence.

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What were My New Moon Intentions?

The Full Moon is a time of Release. It's also a time of reflection. Typically, Intentions are set at the New Moon; while the Full Moon is when we reflect on what has served; and/or what no longer serves us.

The two (2) weeks leading to the Blue Moon Full Eclipse (January 16-31, 2018) have been like riding an energetic rollercoaster. If you're affected by the lunar cycle (we all are) then you're likely to FEEL the momentum of the Full Moon. Daily, I have been connecting with GOD/Spirit/Life Force!

The Experience

So, I set my intentions (you know, the "stuff" I want) at the New Moon. Then, I happily (tongue-in-cheek) do my daily practice (videos on my website); and all is well. . .lol. As the days pass, the Moon increases in visibility, leading to the "grand finale": FULL MOON status!!!

As the Moon grows; so does the intensity of its effects on Me (as well as others). Energetically, I often feel like a storm is brewing. Before I knew that I was an Empath; I'd isolate Myself so as not to burn any bridges. . .(you know, say something that can't be taken back.) Now, that I know that I am an Empath; I do my BEST to be Mindful of my energy.

Well, this Moon approaching has been bringing to the forefront old emotions that I no longer believe; yet, there is a residual pain from repressing them that is present (does this make sense?). The best way I can describe it is that it's like having a cook-out in the woods without buying citronella and fighting mosquitoes. The old thoughts/emotions haven't been released; only "swatted" away; so their effects still sting.

How I am Releasing

I'm Dancing!! I found a Nigerian Dance Class and after 12 years I have resumed my love affair, dancing with the drum. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse only occurs every 150 years so I better make use of the energy spurring Me to give Myself permission to Be Joy! I recommend that you do the same.

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