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The Story

Everybody has a "story". The something that happened that caused us to be "what" we are now. For some, the story is so ingrained that we think that we are the story. Hopefully, those of us who thought that we were are stories will realize that WE are the Authors of our Souls. . .Not those who inflicted the pain.

For the past 11+ years, I have been on a quest to Author My Life. Daily, I write on the note pages of my Heart; which is, my "Journal". As I heal via living my unique Mindfulness practice; the pages of my Journal grow in length and detail. It wasn't always so.

There was a time when I could barely stand to write in my physical journal. I believed that to do so would cause spillage from which there would be no clean-up. I truly thought that if ever I trusted my heart then it would betray me. This was my story.

Becoming an Author

The road to becoming an author began with the decision that if I was going to "Live"; I was going to Live HOW I truly believed GOD created me to live this Life: Abundantly and Full of My Purpose. Initially, all I knew was what I didn't want. Bridging the gap between what I didn't want to what I wanted was "easy" to absorb when I was reading self-help/personal development books. The "difficulty" was in getting the words on the pages that caused my heart to feel joy in the moment I read them, to my belief system/heart motivated "space".

I wanted to visualize/co-create; FEEL my Life as "Already Done" automatically. I started from a place of "Who will support me?"; and it was painful. The pain was in my not wanting to admit to/accept that I feared that no one would support my visualized life. The lessons that I'd learn over the 11+ years to now have truly been the Coursework that prepared me for writing the Dissertation of My Life.

The Dissertation of My Life

Becoming the Author of My Life; my "Research Question" was, "What would it take to Change My Mind about Me?". I committed to conducting the Review of Literature on Energy Psychology; Neuroscience; the Subconscious Mind and the Universal Laws. The more I delved; the more there was to devour. My life has evolved into the marriage of Spirit + Science. You see, I receive messages from My Higher Self that lead me to research the validity of the messages.

Trusting the messages of My Higher Self developed the Conceptual Framework that is now, Emotional Physical Therapy. Messages about the ability to change the physiology of the human brain led me to study Neuroplasticity, one of the tenets of Neuroscience. If I wanted to change my mind, I'd need to develop a practice of feeding my mind and body in order to strengthen my soul. The changes have been subtle; yet, the healing has taken place. I will not lie. At times, the release of energy from my body as old thoughts and beliefs are dismantled from my cells, feels like an internal tsunami! All in the way of the waves of energy will be destroyed. Yet, I continue. You see, this Dissertation of My Life started from a Place of Pain. The Pain fueled me to seek Change; for Myself and for Others.


For me, Emotional Physical Therapy is LIFE! The Holistic Mind & Body Training program is the PHYSICAL of the Experience. The dynamics of Spirit + Science are too vast to try to compartmentalize. I have no desire to do so. The Implications are that those Who, from a Painful Place, ask "What would it take to Change My Mind?" would utilize Emotional Physical Therapy to Become Authors of Their Own Souls.


Offering TWO (2) fitness videos for $1.00 is more than a marketing tactic. It is the LAUNCHING of what I carried within for so many years.

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