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Imagine It Is So

Skills + Practice + Imagination = Championships!

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Before the Williams sisters (Serena, left; Venus, right) ever hoisted a trophy; they each had to see themselves WINNING the trophies.

Fundamental to the athletic mindset is the ability to SEE One's Self executing the sport skills in the exact manner that coaches indicated would lead to "successl". The process of practicing and performing sport skills begins in the imagination.

In the early stages of sport development it is vital that the fundamental skills of sports are not only taught; but explained. Teaching the skills; explaining that proper execution of the skills will lead to eventual "seamless" performance of those skills is the foundation of effective coaching. Showing young athletes what success looks like in the performance of elite athletes is also key to the acquisition of sport skills and development. Seeing elite athletes perform the same sport skills implants in the young athlete's mind the possibility of their (young athlete) reaching the elite level of sports; with. . . .Consistent Practice!

Ah, there it is. . . P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.

Practice seeing One's Self "Successful" is skill-based just like sports. As in sports; as in life. One must be able to Imagine before S/He can Perform.

What does "Success" look like to You? Do You have dreams of Living a Top Quality Life? Do You look at others and think that they had a better start so therefore Life is "easier" for them? What if Venus and Serena had looked at the conditions of their neighborhood courts as making success "hard"? Coached initially by their father, Richard Williams; the girls learned to focus. Focusing on the courts of Compton, California proved to be as important to sharpening their athletic mindset as the thousands of hours of practice hitting tennis balls.

If You can determine what "Success" looks like to You; Decide to Commit to Believing that What You Imagine is "Already So". . .then You're Ready. You possess ALL of the Resources REQUIRED to Be Success.

You just need Coaching. Get Ready to Hoist Your Life Championship Trophy!!

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