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Don't Try to Immunize Your Soul

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The Dark Night of the Soul

Ten years ago, I was told that I was entering my "Dark Night of the Soul"; and I didn't want to endure any more pain than I'd already gone through at that point. All of my religious practices (tithing, etc.) were so I wouldn't have to go through any more "loss".

I know now that I was trying to avoid what I believed would be a painful experience.

All I DID was p o s t p o n e the Process.

Pain is in Resistance

Hold up! Don't turn away. . .

I know, a few blogs ago I said, "Don't resist the resistance." and NOW, I'm saying "Pain is in Resistance". Stay with me. . .

The PERCEPTION of Pain, which "yes", is felt physically is in RESISTING the De-Programming of our minds. You've heard of the "ego" right? Well, the ego is where the pain lives and has its being. The ego is protecting itself during the de-programming process. The ego says, "do this; and avoid that". . . for a little while, we feel "better". However, this approach like a virus that gets into our bodies when our immune system is overtaxed. Eventually the virus will stop us in our tracks.

The "Cure"

Leaning into the De-programming process and the ego's resistance TO the process is the only way to build the Soul's immunity. It's not a DOING process. It's a BEING Experience.

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