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Synchronous Relationships

Natural Flow

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Influencer Marketing

Personally, I prefer calling "Influencer Marketing" Synchronous Marketing.

According to Eileen Brown in Social Business (,

"In 2018, Instagram reached one billion monthly active users and is showing no signs of slowing down. . . its visual content, and engaged communities, show that Instagram is a key marketing channel for brand-influencer collaborations."

However, how does one tell the difference between authentic influencers and those who buy followers? On the average, I receive 10-12 emails per week promising "$29.00-buys 1,000 followers". And this is where I get a bit "stubborn". This is fraud! Further, it's hypocritical. How can I claim to BE a Guide to Others to Create their own UNIQUE Mindfulness Practice; to HEAL unresolved emotions. . .IF, I practice the opposite by BUYING followers?

I truly believe that ORGANIC followers will be drawn to my social media (Instagram/Facebook/Patreon/YouTube/Twitter) accounts.

  • I SEE the impact of Emotional Physical Therapy on the world.
  • I DESIRE my Vision. 
  • I BELIEVE that my DESIRE is possible.
  • I ACCEPT my Belief and my ability to give BIRTH to "All that is Emotional Physical Therapy" is TRUE.
  • I INTEND to give birth to, and nurture my vision.
  • I ACT and BEHAVE like my desires are already so. 
  • I ALLOW; and detach from the outcome. 

The Universe Responds

The Spiritual Life is LIFE!

As I remain aligned with my Truth; the Universe responds. For the past 10+ years, I've received Mike Dooley's daily "TUT - A Note from the Universe" email. The messages would have some "nugget" that encouraged me on my path to retrieving my soul. When I came out of my spiritual closet; I opened myself to receive the blessings that I'd had stored within. I validated My Self. So, this morning. . .This happened!

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