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Our Children; Our Future!

We are all responsible.

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Thank You to my family and friends who have encouraged and supported me "on my way here". I appreciate your love and patience.

Divine Timing

My intention for coming to the library was to "get some work done". Little did I know I would DO My Work. By the time, I started writing this blog post; I'd encountered six (6) students from the school where I am currently working; and one (1) former student from the school where I worked last school year. When I say that I fought "this"; I fought it! My resistance has been the "swamp" slowing my process. Yet, resistance itself, turned into "Divine Timing".


Every encounter serves a purpose. Let me repeat, EVERY ENCOUNTER SERVES A PURPOSE!!

Earlier today, I received an email regarding a draft of standards that the Ohio Department of Education is set to vote upon SOON! As I read the draft documents I found myself releasing my attachment to the outcome of Emotional Physical Therapy. I'd been feeling myself loosening my grip on "how" since returning to the States nearly two (2) years ago. Releasing my attachment to "how" brought me to now. I am Here. I Am aligned with My Purpose.

Important Note:

The former student (from 2017-2018 school year) told me that he and his classmates "preferred" my teaching style. I "worked" them. Vocabulary quizzes required APPLYING definitions to examples. They wrote poems and presented them to the class. They invested themselves in the learning process.

The only student(s) who didn't "pass" the exam were students who didn't attend class(es).

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