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Reclaiming Your Soul

Chapter 1: Self Nurturing

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Unfolding Our Hearts

Ironic isn't it?

In our latter years, we realize that our Little Girl/Boy Self(ves) were "right". We realize that substitutions don't satisfy our Soul(s).

We realize that the only healing is in the unfolding of our Hearts.

We realize that events that trigger past pain in the present

Are opportunities to heal the past in the present.

But, we must be willing.

We must be willing to feel that old pain in the now

And soothe Our Souls.

This is the Only Way.

Part I: My Therapy

African Dance Class!
It's been 12 years since I last took a class/performed. Finding the Nigerian West African Dance Class was an answer to my prayers. Dance has always been at my core. Each Saturday is a time of healing my Inner Child; My True Higher Self; My Subconscious Mind.

What do you do to RECLAIM Your Soul?

Stay Tuned!

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