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Releasing Is a Process

How do you "Release"?

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Releasing is a Process. . .

I could go on and on saying this over and over again. Yes, just as "redundant" as a "run on sentence". This is the best way I can describe the "Releasing Process". So, my question to you, "How do you Release?"

Knowing One's Self

If nothing else, it is imperative that I know My Self. Self Knowledge is either motivation FOR getting to know One's Self; or it's the outcome of going within. Either way, knowledge of One's Self is imperative to Life. Let me rephrase that; "knowledge of One's Self is imperative to Living." So, What Do You know about Your Self?"

What I have learned

Over the course of my "official" coaching journey, I have learned that my mission statement, "Coach While Being" is more than a marketing "ploy"; it is truly my mission in life. I have also learned that living my mission requires me to step away in order to attune fully with what I have been receiving from Spirit. It is during these times that I release resistance to what I've received.

My Stepping Away

During the weeks away from blogging; I have been releasing.

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