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Stop and Appreciate Your Gifts

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Your Impact

Sometimes we don't stop to appreciate our gifts. In the course of our daily lives, we "grind" as we pursue epicureal "success". Is it a wonder that constantly "striving" for "success" leaves us depleted?

Recently, a former student shared a Facebook memory of his excitement over having me as his professor during a summer session at the university. His post and subsequent comment(s) from fellow students about the impact I've had on their lives both in the classroom and out; caused me to pause.

I hadn't truly appreciated my gifts. I hadn't truly stepped back to look at the way that I am able to take textbook/theory; design and delivery curriculum in a way that LASTS!

Coach as Professor

My students have campaigned since the beginning of my academic career (2000) for me to develop what is now, Emotional Physical Therapy.

For far TOO Long. . .

I played "small" and "discounted" my gifts.

From the Midwest to the Middle East;

The East Coast to the Southeast;

Latin America and Even China;

I have poured into students Who saw the Coach in Me; and responded,



Here's a sample of what former students have to say:

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