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From "Longing to Living"

The Point of It All

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True Purpose

Let's face it! The True Purpose of our S/Heroes' Journeys is to go from 'longing for life to LIVING life. No matter HOW you analyze/dissect individual conditions/circumstances; ultimately, we want the SAME thing!

We EACH want to Live the Life that we "long" for. . .

You know, the Life that you visualize during meditation.

Getting There

So, what's stopping us? I can't speak for you. What I will do is share what I've learned:

Longing for Life isn't Living.

Longing for Life is however, frustrating.

The frustration of longing for life stops us from Living.

Check your pulse.

Did the "simplicity" of what I wrote bother you? If it did; then you and I both know that it's true.

So How Do We Get There?

Honestly, we just have to stop "longing" for the future; and "Live" right now in this moment. I know, I know. . .there are so many "things" that need to be in place in order for you to relax and "Live". Believe me, I've been there; bought the t-shirt, and frankly have tried on several different styles of the SAME t-shirt, to no avail!

No matter how hard I tried to visualize things as I believed they needed to be in order for me to "live"; I'd still wake up the next morning knee-deep in the same conditions.

What are you saying Dr. Danielle?!

I'm saying that all the "work" in the world results in MORE frustration as long as I continue to LONG for versus LIVE Now!

Wait a minute. . .Dr. Danielle don't you write/teach/coach about "Changing Our Minds to Change Our Lives?!

Indeed, I do! Yet, it's a PROCESS that I/you must IMMERSE ourselves IN. It's not something that you can be detached from. . .

Please don't confuse what I'm describing with being ATTACHED TO an outcome. Immersion into the FEELING of What I/you long for is the polar opposite of being ATTACHED TO "how" things must be BEFORE I/you Live it.

So Dr. Danielle, you're saying that we are to immerse ourselves in FEELING what we're longing for EVEN though we see no EVIDENCE of it EVER happening?

Yes, Dear Ones I am saying that we are to IMMERSE ourselves in the FEELING of what we long for BEFORE it can EVER Be in our physical reality. Read ANY Holy Book (Bible/Qu'ran) and you will find that WE create the atmosphere for our experiences BEFORE we live those experiences.

How I've seen this in my life:

For YEARS, I said that I wanted to develop online courses. As long as I FELT like it was a long-term goal; it was a long-term goal. I longed for it. I looked at the need for platforms, etc and said that I needed to "have/do more BEFORE I'd be ready". So, of course I "longed" versus "lived". However, when I began to FEEL what it would be like to have course online; guess what? The resources began showing up!

The seed of what I longed for was "there"; yet, the longing was like the seed being packaged and READY for planting. FEELING it is my actually opening the packet of seeds; preparing the soil; and finally planting that seed.

So, How Long Does It Take?

The answer depends on you. As I shift my attention from what I think/believe is "needed" BEFORE I can LIVE; time is no longer a factor.

I repeat, "As I shift my attention from what I think/believe is 'needed' BEFORE I can LIVE; time is no longer a factor." Immersed in the FEELING of it; I am LIVING it. . .Right Now!

What I've Been Living. . .

The video and images are representations of What I've allowed Myself to Live BEFORE I knew HOW they were going to materialize.

 Immersing Myself in feeling people come to a Healthy Happy Hour and LOVE the atmosphere;

Immersing Myself in feeling people EXCITED to buy my books and have me autograph them;

Immersing Myself in sharing Vegan food and people ENJOYING it!

All BEFORE the location, etc. were known.

The Soul Healing Cafe Healthy Happy Hour:

"Boot Camp for Your Soul: Changing Your Mind to Change Your Life" online course

Immersing Myself in the FEELING of developing courses;

Immersing Myself in the FEELING of My Courses approved for the Marketplace; and in HIGH DEMAND!

Immersing Myself in Living!

Now, What Do You Want to Immerse Yourself into Feeling?

"Boot Camp for Your Soul: Changing Your Mind; to Change Your Life" is a WAY for You to turn Your Longing into Your Living!


What I'm FEELING Now. . .

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