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Day 2: Walking the Talk

Education without Application is Useless

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Wounded Healers are experts at self-wounding. Self-wounding is an effort to protect One's Self from further wounding by those we love. . .

As a Wounded Healer begins his/her healing process; he/she may find themselves "judging" their previous effort(s) to protect by self-wounding. It is HERE that a Wounded Healer must consciously practice "Self Compassion".

The Journey from Head-to-Heart: Day 2

As I watch the early videos of Emotional Physical Therapy; I practice "Self Compassion". I thought that head knowledge could/should eliminate the need to go through my Dark Night of the Soul. Subconsciously, I wouldn't allow myself to visit the trauma. I knew the information. . .

By sharing these videos, I am saying to YOU, Wounded Healer that the Journey from Head Knowledge to Heart Knowledge is a Journey that YOU must take in order to Heal.

Transmute Pain into Power.

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