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Life Lessons

March 2019 Mercury Retrograde

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As Mercury moved "Direct" yesterday (March 28, 2019) I felt the inner shifts that I attribute to the "work" I focused on during the Retrograde. The "work" culminated (for this particular time) while on Spring Break. While, my trip seemed as last minute. . .it was in my heart for some time. Again, more proof of what Emotional Physical Therapy is all about: focusing energy where we desire. My desire was to retreat and relax as I contemplated my "next".

This was the Message that I KNOW the Universe sent in response to my thoughts as I was walking from the gate to catch my Uber upon landing back in Ohio.

The Irritation

Irritants have purpose. I either "soothe" via distractions or I focus within for the lesson I am to learn. . .

Over the course of two (2) hours, I found myself irritated by social media posts touting expertise where I'd hidden. Yes, as I look(ed) at posts I saw/see myself decades before. . .secretly practicing what is now considered mainstream. In that uncomfortable space of irritation I had to take responsibility for being "discounted. You see, I'd discounted Myself. I hid. . . No one rejected Me. I rejected Myself.

Duty to Self

I'll let the videos tell the Story. . .

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