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Going "There" to Get "There"

Healing Begins at Home

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The Higher Self Chronicles

 Everything happened so fast! And now, I'm here. I'm home. At least, it's the place where I was born and raised. It's never been "home" in the sense of my feeling connected to anything about the geographic location that is on my birth certificate.

Ironically, I was more "at home" in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be specific. I was always in the present moment. Perhaps it was the language barrier; perhaps it was the constant sunshine; whatever it was, I was "home". Yet, my attachment to what brought me to the Middle East had slipped away and I needed to regroup. Instead of being the international sport guru; I was grasping for air, trying to make something that, well. . ."wasn't". So, I came home. Not just to the United States. . . but "home" as in, Cincinnati, Ohio. The city that I would do anything to leave. The city that I needed to return to in order to move forward. I had to "go there" to "get there".

That last line, "go there to get there" was in my doctoral dissertation on the schooling experiences of African American basketball non-qualifiers from an "African American epistemology". In my literature review, I went through the history of African Americans' schooling experiences from "pre-literacy through integration". What does my dissertation have to do with these, "Higher Self Chronicles"? EVERYTHING!

The "Higher Self Chronicles" are insights that I am gaining along this part of My Journey. I call them "Higher Self Chronicles" because. . . well, that is exactly what they are. . .answers to the questions that I pose daily/hourly/moment-by-moment to My Higher Self. I literally ask questions of My Higher Self. I ask "What would it take for _____________?" and then wait for answer(s) to present themselves in ways that I will KNOW that I am receiving answers.

21 Years Ago. . .

I left Cincinnati, Ohio August 15, 1996 to begin my Ph.D. in Sport Administration at the Florida State University. I'd moved back (much like this 2017 move) in 1991 after a stint working at the NCR Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri. My intention in 1996 was to leave and frankly, never come back. . .at least not to live. However, in order to move forward NOW; I had to come home. . ."go there" in order to "get there". Where's "There"?

"There" is the Life that I've always wanted to manifest. "There" is what I carry within Me. "There" has been the "place" that always seemed so "out of reach".


So, what's the driving force behind Now? I am home to take off the masks that I began putting on as a little girl. The masks that hid everything that I wanted in life; what made my heart sing. What gave me "Hope". Love has given Me the courage to take off those masks.

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