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Imagining and Accepting End Results

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Trusting the Process

Where were you when you realized that repeating affirmations was beginning to make sense to you? If, like me, you started saying affirmations while in "crisis" mode then you remember your frustration. You remember hoping that "Liking" inspirational memes would somehow make the affirmations change your conditions immediately! You also remember the irritation you felt when enlightened friends and family that you believed were "more" spiritually "advanced" (if there IS such a state), said that you must "Trust the Process".

Albert Einstein

What I am typing is a Perfect example of what "trusting the process" means. . .

So, I just typed the "." after "Trust the Process"; IMAGINING what I intend to say in this blog; I turn away and check my email. And there is an email from "Energy Therapy" titled, "Are you using the power of your imagination?" So, I click to read and there's a quote of Albert Einstein. It reads,

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

Albert Einstein

December 2018 New Moon Energy

First of all, I love New Moons!! New moons represent opportunities to start anew. This week has been full of revelations and my acceptance of those revelations. The more I found myself "trusting the process"; the more messages I received from Spirit.

While I have meditated for years, I see now that I was meditating for answers. As if, Spirit didn't already know what I desired. Yet, I was focused on manifesting FORM. . .and this is where I found myself in a cycle of frustration. However, over the last 17 months, I found that, the more I focused on my breath; the Life Force of GOD; the more I began to FEEL Myself opening to synchronicities. Better yet, I was AWARE of the synchronicities. I was beginning to see MIRACLES in every moment.

For example, I tried writing this blog yesterday. But I kept getting the message that the page wasn't "saving". Yesterday, I tried uploading the video for this blog last night and kept getting the message, "Error uploading this video." So, I left both alone.


Trusting the process yesterday. . . I awoke to this message today:

From the YouTube Channel "LOKOMOTIVOS"

"Alter your perception about the concept of reality. Hold the thought about it and visualize it already accomplished, and be grateful for the realization of it while holding the positivity, and then let it go by TRUSTING THE PROCESS (emphasis mine) with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (emphasis mine). That is your Miracle Manifestation key to manifest while you sleep."

The Message:

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