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We Must Cry

Each Tear Shed Reclaims My Soul

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Releasing the Root

It started with the Womb Wellness session last Sunday. Being amongst women with a collective intent; My Little Girl Self was at peace. She was alive. Free to play. Six days since the Solar Eclipse and the intense energy We feel building has to be released. The Release began in Our Root. As it should.

A few hours after the Womb Wellness session; We began feeling intense cramps in our womb. My Little Girl Self was quiet. She was with Me; waiting to see what I would do. This is how it is with us now. She stands back waiting to see if I will turn on Her; somehow blame her for this pain. I understand Her concern. In the past, I would blame Her for pain that I believed was a direct result of Her being "Free" and full of Joy. Now, I soothed Her; Me. . .Us. I knew that the pain was a result of Our practicing vulnerability.

I Need to Cry

As the root pains continued; I saw flashes of thoughts that initially caused me to panic. I didn't want to relive patterns. I felt My Little Girl Self shrink. . .Admittedly, I had started to berate Her. I am tired of these thoughts and I really want Her to let go of the emotions. Whoa! I see why She had withdrawn. I was seeing Her as the thoughts. . .this is why the emotions were as strong in the present as they were at the first wounding. I calmed Myself and began to say, "What happened; happened. We can't undo the past. We can let go of the pain though." She heard Me. For the first time, She reached to hug Me. Feeling the intense Love between Us; We both said, "I Need to Cry."

"I Am Divine; Love Wins."

The tears weren't coming. "When was the last time I cried?" I remembered. It had been 3 weeks. When She said that She wanted to Be Loved. Had I done enough since then for Her to release pain attached to memories? If I could get Her to release 'just one tear' then the rest would follow. But that would mean that I'd have to honor and accept what My womb was releasing. I needed help. I needed to pray. She resisted.

My Little Girl Self had given up on prayer. When I said that I needed to pray; She withdrew again. Each womb pain showed Me incidences of Her prayers going "unanswered". So, over time, She became analytical. She reasoned that She needed to be "perfect" for God to answer Her prayers. Each time that She made a mistake; she told Herself that She had to go to the "back of the line" and "wait Her turn". She saw Herself as God's Stepchild. She didn't believe that She had a "right" to ask for help. After She whispered these long held "secret" beliefs; I whispered back, "I am Divine. Love wins." Spirit was speaking through Me, TO Me; to My Little Girl Self. She looked up and I could feel the joy in Her heart. This must be Her mantra on the occasions that She laughs and plays. Building Her up with each "I am Divine. Love Wins."; She finally said, "Let's pray."


My Little Girl Self wanted a ritual; a ceremony where I would "name" the beliefs that had caused Us so much pain. So, we did. Using fire; together we "named" the deep rooted beliefs and then burned them as We gazed into a fire. While We gazed; She snuggled into My Heart. After closing the ceremony; I showered and lay down to rest. This morning, I felt the first tear. Honoring what She couldn't accept. . .the emotional events that broke Her Little Soul; I answered Her prayers. She is Divine. Love Does Win; and Now We Are Crying. Each tear is reclaiming Our Soul.

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