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Loving and Healing

Rebuilding Broken Trust

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Broken Trust

Everything She said was True. I had betrayed Her. Over and Over again. Now, I am asking Her to trust me. If you've ever been hurt by someone you love(d) then you know that the initial wound is the one that hurts most. The initial wound is the one that opens each and every time trust is re-broken.


Over the past few days, I've just listened. She spoke of guilt and how the guilt I carried was heaped onto Her. I remembered. Going within and honoring Her pain; there have been moments when I didn't think I could bear to listen anymore. It went back 50 years! How could I make up for the damage I'd done? Closer to me than ever before; She whispered, "You're making up for it by listening." She doesn't want me to suffer. My suffering inflicts pain upon Her. Listening, I am rebuilding trust broken.

She's teaching Me. I am following Her. She's leading Me in Love. Embracing Our relationship as a Mother with a newborn baby; I am committed to nurturing Her and starting Life Anew. She is My Gift. She is Me.

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